Woman Reunited with Dog After She Begs Car Thief for his Safe Return

A Boston woman who had her car stolen with her pet Golden Retriever inside was happily reunited with him after she pleaded for his safe return. On Sunday morning Rosa Nese briefly went inside a convenience store and came out to find that her SUV had been stolen. She immediately started to panic, not for the vehicle, but because her Golden Retriever Chief was inside. She stated that, “He’s basically a lovable yellow lab. Friendly, he loves everybody and everything. He rescued me, actually. A year ago, my mother passed away, and two days later, I had a fire and I lost my home.” She was also worried because Chief needed his medication. Rosa said that she wasn’t worried about finding her car, but was only focused on locating her beloved pet, Chief. “I really don’t care about the car,” she said. “I just want Chief back. It’s been a long day now.”

Rosa’s white Hyundai SUV was found in a cemetery just outside Boston a day after it was stolen. Luckily Chief was inside and was unharmed. 50-year-old David Brady was taken into custody after a foot chase in East Boston Monday evening and was arrested in connection with the theft of the car.

While this is a story with a happy ending, it is a chance for us to think about what we need to do to keep our furry friends safe and take all the necessary precautions to make sure that if something happens to our pets, they can be safely identified and returned to us. Luckily it was not necessary in this case, Ms. Nese stated that her Golden Retriever Chief was micro-chipped and was wearing a collar with up to date tags. If the car thief had tried to distance himself from the SUV and the dog, he may have taken the dog somewhere, taken off his tags, and let him loose. If that were the case, the micro-chip would have been invaluable in getting Chief home. So please, if your dogs are not already, go get them micro-chipped and make sure that their tags on their collars are up to date and easily readable. The tags can easily rub off so they become hard to read, and numbers and addresses may change, so make sure to check your dog’s tags today to make sure they will be safely returned if something happens to them.

[Source: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/boston-woman-begs-car-thief-return-her-dog-after-stealing-her-suv-yellow-laborador/]

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