Why K9 Officers Refer to Their Dogs as Partners

Source: http://www.pennlive.com/news/2016/08/harrisburg_police_k-9_units.html

A Harrisburg, Pennsylvania newspaper has recently written an article on how closely K9 Police Officers work with their canine partners and why they refer to them as such instead of just animals that help them do their jobs.  The dogs themselves go through a 14 week intensive training process that starts when they are only 1 year old.

Police dogs are used for many different jobs, including searching for people – both alive and dead, finding narcotics, and even searching for explosives;  but the reason that canines are used is their amazing sense of smell combined with their amazing agility.  But they aren’t just machines with great noses, they are dogs just like any other.  And to keep that bond between the human and canine most departments have their dogs live with their human partners so that at the end of the day they don’t just have to live at the station house and the person goes home.  No they go home together and live like most other people and their pets while at home.  Only their dogs get to go to work with them!

This article is a good look into the partnership between human and dog in the police K-9 units and how they view their canines as more than just partners.

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