Police Officer Stops to Feed Stray Dog

Recently a story has been making the rounds on social media about an on duty police officer who stopped to feed a stray dog who was digging through trash trying to find a bite to eat.

A Police Officer Stops to Feed Stray Dog

California police officer William McCarty saw the stray Pitbull mix earlier in the day and made a stop at a store to pick up some dog food. That is when a fellow officer took the picture of Officer McCarty as he was down on one knee while feeding the hungry dog who had been digging through trash and trying to eat a dead squirrel that was in the middle of the road. This happened near a local school, and after the parents who were there to pick up their kids, they quickly realized what a kind gesture this was and even more people have commented on the picture as it made the rounds on social media sites. One of the reasons this had such an impact was because it was near a school. Most kids think of police officers as there to only get them in trouble when they do something bad, but the parents and kids saw the gesture of the officer and were touched as it showed the human side of police officers.

Source: Social Media Praise for Police Officer Who Stops to Feeds Hungry Stray Dog that was Picking Through Trash

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