Las Vegas Area Animal Control Chief and Police Chief Sentenced After Strange Animal Deaths and Euthanasia


After nearly 100 reports of strange death and euthanasia reports were compiled by Las Vegas Metro Police Department the Boulder City Animal Control Chief Mary Jo Frazier was sentenced to 90 days over only 2 counts of animal cruelty stemming from her putting down her own dog.

Former Police Chief Bill Conger who had already resigned from his post was sentecend to a $1,000 fine after pleading guilty to only one count of failure to perform a duty after he had forced detectives to look the other way when the allegations started to surface about Fraizer’s alleged activities.

Many people on social media have been very vocal about this case and most are very upset about the ruling.  How could an animal control chief who was supposed to protect animals and citizens be so cruel and harm animals who had loving homes?  And how could the Police Chief be so callus and cold to not care about these animals or the people who love them?  Animal lovers all over Twitter and Facebook have gone on to vocalize their concerns about both Frazier and Conger.

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