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List of The Most Expensive Dogs

Celbrating Februrary as Responsible Pet Owners Month, MSN has written an article that lists the top 15 most expensive pets which has many different kinds of pets including many dogs.  Here are the dog breeds that appear on the list. German Shepherds – According to the article a well bred German Shepherd puppy can run

Las Vegas Area Animal Control Chief and Police Chief Sentenced After Strange Animal Deaths and Euthanasia

(Source: After nearly 100 reports of strange death and euthanasia reports were compiled by Las Vegas Metro Police Department the Boulder City Animal Control Chief Mary Jo Frazier was sentenced to 90 days over only 2 counts of animal cruelty stemming from her putting down her own dog. Former Police Chief Bill Conger who

Why K9 Officers Refer to Their Dogs as Partners

Source: A Harrisburg, Pennsylvania newspaper has recently written an article on how closely K9 Police Officers work with their canine partners and why they refer to them as such instead of just animals that help them do their jobs.  The dogs themselves go through a 14 week intensive training process that starts when they