Basenji Dog Breed Training Guide

As one of the most unique breeds of dog, Basenjis can be difficult to train if you do not know much about them.  Therefore, the help of a Basenji Dog Breed Training Guide can be very helpful if you are training your own Basenji.  Recently a new website has been launched for a Basenji Dog Breed Training Guide that will host a guide to help all owners and lovers of the breed in training and raising their dogs.  The guide has everything that a Basenji owner needs to know, including health information, breed history, training tips, step-by-step training guide, and much more.  So if you have, or are interested in adoption a Basenji, make sure to check out the Basenji Dog Breed Training Guide.

List of The Most Expensive Dogs

Celbrating Februrary as Responsible Pet Owners Month, MSN has written an article that lists the top 15 most expensive pets which has many different kinds of pets including many dogs.  Here are the dog breeds that appear on the list.

German Shepherds – According to the article a well bred German Shepherd puppy can run about $2,000 and the yearly cost of ownership is at least $1,500 when factoring in food and health care costs.  Some insurance companies even raise home insurance rates if the homeowner has a German Shepherd because of the supposed biting and injury risk associated with the breed.

Rottweilers – Pure bred Rottweilers can cost nearly $3,000 and about $2,350 per year for food and health care, mainly due to how much food they require.  Home insurance policies may also be affected if you own a Rottweiler.

English Bulldogs – English Bully pups can run $1,000-1,500 for a good blood line and the yearly medical costs are about $370, which is about 60% more than the average dog due to the high rate of medical issues in the breed.  The article doesn’t mention cost of food but I would guess it would be at least a few hundred dollars per year.

Great Danes – A top of the line Great Dane puppy can cost as much as $3,000.  There is no mention of food but it likely costs about $1,000 per year since Great Danes are so large.  The article states that it also costs $385/year for medical – 63% more than other dog breeds, and that insurance premiums may increase due to the large size of the breed.

Bernese Mountain Dogs – A puppy of this breed can cost between $750 and $1,500, while medical insurance claims cost on average $400 per year.  The dogs long hair must also be groomed regularly which can cost about $90 each year as well.

Golden Retrievers – Some Golden Retriever puppies can cost thousands of dollars depending on the blood line.  However the major cost for Golden Retrievers comes in the medical care of the dogs.  They often have medical issues such as bone cancer which can cost $6,000 to take care of, and that 61% of the breed dies of some form of cancer.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels – This is a rarer breed that can cost upwards of $3,500 for a well bred pup.  They aren’t a large breed so don’t require tons of food but like other dogs on the list may be susceptible to many health problems such as a spinal cord condition named syringomyelia that can cost thousands of dollars to treat.

Las Vegas Area Animal Control Chief and Police Chief Sentenced After Strange Animal Deaths and Euthanasia


After nearly 100 reports of strange death and euthanasia reports were compiled by Las Vegas Metro Police Department the Boulder City Animal Control Chief Mary Jo Frazier was sentenced to 90 days over only 2 counts of animal cruelty stemming from her putting down her own dog.

Former Police Chief Bill Conger who had already resigned from his post was sentecend to a $1,000 fine after pleading guilty to only one count of failure to perform a duty after he had forced detectives to look the other way when the allegations started to surface about Fraizer’s alleged activities.

Many people on social media have been very vocal about this case and most are very upset about the ruling.  How could an animal control chief who was supposed to protect animals and citizens be so cruel and harm animals who had loving homes?  And how could the Police Chief be so callus and cold to not care about these animals or the people who love them?  Animal lovers all over Twitter and Facebook have gone on to vocalize their concerns about both Frazier and Conger.